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June 21, 2022 — A quiet beginning

This week, the Nexus Senior Championship is being contested at the National Training Center in Virginia Beach. About 130 field hockey hopefuls have come to Landstown Road to play a week’s worth of games.

The reward is a little different: the current U.S. braintrust of selectors are looking to form the basis of what could very well become the 2028 Olympic team.

Current members of the national team pool, including Danielle Grega, Erin Matson, Kealsie Robles, and Amanda Magadan, are joined with promising younger players with caps such as Mackenzie Allessie, Lauren Wadas, Olivia Bent-Cole and Beth Yeager. Also included within the Nexus rosters are some of the players this site has been tracking over the last few years, such as Hope Rose, Ryleigh Heck, Maci Bradford, and Sophia Gladieux.

As it happens, tomorrow’s championship final will feature a pair of unbeaten sides. Salt Lake City (one win, two draws) will have Kathryn Peterson, late of the University of Michigan. It also has a pair of players who prepped at Summit Oak Knoll (N.J.), Avery Donahue and Caroline Ramsey. Opposing SLC is Team Paris, which has a lot of offensive firepower. Not only do you have Wadas, a member of your defending national champions from Northwestern, but Heck, who is coming off a record-setting senior season. Also playing some eye-popping hockey are the smooth Yeager as well as Abigail Tamer.

I hope you get to watch the final tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. on USA Field Hockey’s YouTube presence. It’s going to be a look into the future for the game in the U.S. — not only on the field, but off it. You see, I find it interesting that the Nexus Senior tournament concludes one day after the start of Athletes Unlimited lacrosse. You see, it’s a pool of players like the ones on display which could form an AU league for field hockey, something for which we have repeatedly advocated.

Friends, if you can tomorrow, put this link onto a social media post: I don’t care whether it goes on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok, or any of the many fine social media outlets in the world. I’d like there to be enough eyes on this game so that people like Geico, Nike, Progressive, and others who sponsor the pro lacrosse leagues will take a flyer on an AU field hockey promotion.

How about it?

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