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July 25, 2022 — The current world champions are going to look a lot different

The 2022 World Lacrosse Women’s World Championship ended only a couple of weekends ago. But in the days since the United States’ win over Canada, it’s become clear that the 2025 team is going to look a lot different from this winning group.

A number of retirements have been announced over the last few days; the latest announcement came from Kayla Treanor, the Syracuse alumna who led the United States in scoring at the last two World Championships. In 2017, she had 24 goals and 19 assists, and followed it up with 20 goals and 14 assists at Towson.

Treanor was a crafty player on the level of a Dana Dobbie, finding angles and defensive faults that few of her peers could ever find, much less exploit.

But now, she’ll be trying to help others beat defenses as the head coach of her alma mater, Syracuse.

I think that, when the history of lacrosse is written, Treanor is going to be have a major chapter because of her willingness to be the one coach who replaced the legendary Gary Gait as the head coach of the Syracuse women.

I have this feeling that she’s going to find that one game plan that nobody else can plan for, and probably sooner than anyone expect. And I think she’ll be holding that wood, gold, and glass plaque they hand out at the end of the year.