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Aug. 1, 2022 — Some annual housekeeping

Hi, all. As the domestic field hockey season begins this month with college friendlies as well as the Apple Tournament and the Gateway Invitational, our site is going its usual changeover from field hockey to lacrosse.

We’ll have our Fearless 5ive previews for NCAA Division I, II, and III, and we’ll also have our back-of-the-envelope preseason Top 10 towards the end of the month. On which platform we’re going to be releasing these, that’s yet to be determined.

We’re also keeping an eye on the transfer portal, which really altered the landscape of college sports and could give the first-year Clemson program a rocket boost of talent that other recent startups never had.

Now, you’ll notice in our Chasing History section to the right of this story, we’ve changed the listings of the inactive players from orange to black as the achievements of last year’s seniors blend into history.

This includes field hockey’s Ryleigh Heck and lacrosse’s Fran Frieri, both of whom set records during the past academic year.

And it seems these records have gotten their holders a certain degree of attention. More on that tomorrow.

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