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Aug. 6, 2022 — A tone-deaf response to a #MeToo moment

Today, a student-run Internet newspaper called The Tab published a disturbing account of the cover-up of sexual assault on the part of members of the University College London lacrosse club teams.

The main thrust of the story is that the president of the women’s lacrosse team at UCL attempted to have a female player removed from the club after she went to authorities with an accusation of assault, allegedly by a member of the men’s lacrosse club.

The reporting in this story has uncovered a deeply-entrenched culture of toxicity within the team, which involved plying alcohol to first-year students, which are referred to as “Freshers.”

“Binge drinking is actively encouraged,” according to an unidentified member of the club. “It enables people to act badly because the worst side of them comes out. All the club care about is their reputation. If silencing women is what they need to do then they will do it.”

Reporting on the issue has already resulted in the resignation of the men’s president, and the women’s club president has also been pressured to step down.

“It’s a very laddie culture,” a member of a previous steering committee for the UCL lacrosse club tells The Tab. “I don’t think a lot of the guys understand how their behavior is misogynistic and creates that environment.”

It’s pretty amazing that, several years after the Me Too movement in the United States upended a number of careers in industry, sports, the Arts, and general society, the same behavior is being replicated and extended.

It is, to be sure, discouraging.

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