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BULLETIN: August 15, 2022 — Athletes Unlimited confirms Marino’s championship

After a bit of movement over the last 20 hours or so, the final totals for the Athletes Unlimited women’s lacrosse league have been confirmed. A point has been added to leader Taylor Moreno’s total from overnight, and five points have come off second-place Sam Apuzzo’s overnight total.

This makes the final margin 16 points, confirming Moreno’s place as the second AU champion, with her score being 1798 to Apuzzo’s 1782.

The two luminaries had been tied on the scoreboard headed into the final three minutes of play, and finished Matchday 12 almost level on points after the win bonus for Moreno (45 points), the fourth-quarter bonus for Apuzzo (20 points), and the additional MVP-3 bonus (15 points) for Apuzzo.

It’s been an unprecedented 2022 season for AU women’s lacrosse — the only time a post-overtime shootout has ever been used in women’s lacrosse, and the only recount ever used to determine a champion.

Can’t wait for Season 3 next summer.

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