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Sept. 28, 2022 — A visit from Ian

This site has kept an eye on natural disasters that have affected the U.S. field hockey and girls’ lacrosse communities over the last 24 years. Some have even put your Founder in a spot of bother over the years, including a tropical storm that struck during the week of a U.S. women’s national team game in the 2003 World Cup.

But this one, Hurricane Ian, is more personal. My niece is down in Pinellas County as an essential government employee and will be not only riding out the storm in the greater Tampa Bay area, but will be on the front lines of helping the citizenry in the aftermath of the storm.

I’ve seen my niece grow up from being a sassy six-year-old who loved sparkly sneakers and jeans to a full-on professional, and it’s been quite a journey. Years ago, I brought her to a field hockey game at the local high school and I gave her a mini-stick. She didn’t seem to want to be a player: she instead wanted to be a coach. This is when she was about six years of age.

My niece’s athletics career did not amount to much at the local public school, but she was able to parlay her education into a berth into law school, then started working with a private firm before joining the general counsel’s office for the county.

Starting today, there is an awful lot of work to do — not only when it comes to rescue and recovery, but other items involved in public administration. I’m hoping that my niece will be able to succeed in whatever task or tasks she is assigned over the next few weeks.

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