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Nov. 3, 2022 — What’s good for the gander

This week, a number of NCAA Division I field hockey teams are playing off against each other for the honor of playing in the 2022 postseason tournament.

The conference champions being selected this week will be joining Ivy League champion Princeton in the field, as the Tigers won their way by virtue of league play.

To this day, the Ivy League remains the only Division I conference to not have a postseason tournament. Which is odd, given the fact that just about every other Ivy League sport (except football) has a postseason championship to try to qualify for the NCAA Tournament.

The Ivy League, in lacrosse, has had a conference championship since 2013 — in both genders.

It’s been a decade; why has the Ancient Eight not instituted a postseason championship? I’d think it would be a great benefit for the league, given the fact that these late games help with teams’ resumes for the postseason and build up their bona fides for the selection committee.

Indeed, in women’s lacrosse, you’ve sometimes seen as many as three teams make it from the Ivy League into the Division I Tournament.

And I don’t see why it can’t be the same for field hockey. Why let the big conferences have all the fun?