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Jan. 15, 2023 — A follow-up on the statistical picture of 2022

As we are wont to do, we comb publications for all-star teams this time of year for anything we may have missed during the fall field hockey season.

And, like last year, we uncovered a doozy of a stat. That is the fact that Watertown (Mass.) yielded exactly one goal during the 2022 season. The Raiders and head coach Eileen Donahue have made this a habit in recent years, as they have yielded no goals in 2014, one goal in 2015, and one goal during 2021’s fall season.

This is all remarkable stuff for a program which has spun a national-record unbeaten streak of 184 games, and whose 124-game win streak is currently being pursued by a very talented Delmar (Del.) outfit.

We’ll be adding this soon to The Rebel Project; there’s a lot of wrangling we’ll be doing in the meantime. We hope to be fully updated by spring in both the field hockey and the lacrosse worlds.