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March 7, 2023 — Light on the details

I’ve been seeing a number of good lacrosse stories about African-Americans in the game. The focus of competition has remained on the Next Collegiate League for men, and the NCAA for the women.

This brings me to what could be a sticking point for the NCL’s eventual mission: will the league start a women’s competition?

I know that there are not many pockets of female lacrosse players at the nation’s historically-Black colleges and universities, but there are enough, I think, for lacrosse sixes if enough interest is shown.

Take, for example, Morgan State. The women’s club team seems to have enough for a full-field squad, if not a sixes team to get their competition in until the time of becoming a varsity.

I’d like to see, perhaps, smaller HBCUs with enough interest to start sixes teams under the Olympic rules. And, as Kelly Amonte-Hiller showed to devastating effect two decades ago, athletes can be converted and adapted to lacrosse in a remarkably short period of time.

All it takes is initiative.