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March 13, 2023 — Has a third pro women’s lacrosse promotion materialized?

Over the weekend, a select group of players from the Premier Lacrosse League, a well-backed professional men’s lacrosse circuit soon to be playing a fifth outdoor season, took its act overseas to play a Japanese all-star team under the proposed Olympic rules.

But one hidden aspect of that venture is the fact that there was a group of women playing a Japanese women’s team, also playing under Olympic rules.

Huh? What’s going on here? Isn’t the PLL a men’s-only promotion?

Well, there they were, a group of women wearing uniforms with the same uniform sponsor (Champion) as the men, and the same number font as what the men were wearing. The names on the back of the jerseys should be familiar to you: Growney, Watson, Gilbert, Ortega, Mastrioenni, Colson. The team, called “Unleashed,” beat their Japanese opposition by a score of 11-7.

If the PLL is going to start a women’s promotion, it would be a third professional women’s lacrosse effort, alongside Athletes Unlimited and By The Pros.

I’m amazed at this feeding frenzy for companies and venture capitalists looking to give female lacrosse players an opportunity to make a living playing the sport they love. I would like to think it is more than just an altruistic notion.

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