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April 1, 2019 — No fooling today

Usually, this space has been filled on April 1st with humorous or satirical sports story. But if you remember, a year ago your Founder was in the hospital recovering from surgery.

Since that weekend, it’s been three more procedures to treat this same area, the last of which was five weeks ago.

To be sure, this whole ordeal has not been easy. Recovery from these occasional surgeries has curtailed a lot of activities and travel, especially since I need to be in a reclining position in order to allow the bacterial abcess to drain.

But I think this episode has taught two important lessons.

One is that the United States, for all of its flaws, does have a pretty good health care system as long as you know how to navigate it and advocate for yourself.

The other lesson, however, is patience. The last surgery, done by a specialist in Baltimore, seems to be leading to a closure of the bacterial mass, albeit very, very slowly. It’s frustrating, to be sure, but I’m sure that I’m heading to a good place when it comes to my overall health.

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